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Aviation courses

Below is the list of courses in the field of Aviation. These courses can lead to possible career outcomes across the aviation sector. Particular roles and positions could include commercial pilot, private pilot and operation or ground staff. Study Loans recommends consulting with your chosen education provider to discuss career outcomes and pathways relating to your chosen course.

Certificate IV in Aeroskills (Avionics) MEA40618
Diploma of Aeroskills (Avionics) MEA50118
Dual Diploma of Aeroskills and Avionics MEA50118-MEA50218
Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management) AVI50616
Recreational Pilot Licence RPL
Private Pilot Licence PPL
Multi-Engine Class Rating MEA
Commercial Pilot Licence CPL
Multi-Engine Instrument Rating MEIR
Multi-Engine Class Rating Instrument Rating Multi-Engine Class Rating Instrument Rating
Private Instrument Rating PIR
Night Rating NVFR
Tailwheel & CSU TWCSU
Recreational Pilot Certificate LEARPC
Recreational Pilot Certificate with Navigation Endorsement LEARPCNAV
Navigation Endorsement LEANAV
Recreational Instructor Rating LEAINST
Recreational Pilot Certificate RPC
Recreational Pilot Certificate Endorsements (Passenger and Navigation) RPC Endorsements
Instructor Rating INST
Command and Conversion COMM
Recreational Pilot Licence RPL
Private Pilot Licence PPL
Commercial Pilot Licence CPL
Night VFR Rating NVFR
Multi Engine Class Rating MEAC
Private Instrument Rating PIFR
Multi Engine Instrument Rating IRMEA
Flight Instructor Rating FIR
Single Engine Instrument Rating SEIR
Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane) AVI50215
Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating) AVI50415
Recreational Pilot Licence RPL01
Private Pilot Licence PPL01
Commercial Pilot Licence CPL01
Multi Crew Cooperation MCC01
Remote Private Licence DRON01
VET In Schools VETIS01
Flight Instructor Rating INSTR01
Recreational Pilot Licence CASA RPL (C152)
Private Pilot Licence CASA PPL (PA28)
Commercial Pilot Licence CASA CPL
Flight Instructor Rating CASA FIR
Instrument Rating CASA IFR
Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilots Licence - Aeroplane) AVI50215
Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating - PPL Entry) AVI50415
Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating - CPL Entry) AVI50415
Private Pilot Licence - Aeroplane PRIVPPL
Recreational Pilot Licence - Aeroplane PRIVRPL
Flight Instructor Rating (Private) PRIVIR
Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (Private) PRIVMEIR
Commercial Pilot Licence (Private) PRIVCPL
Aerobatics Endorsement (Private) PRIVAERO
Multi-Engine Class Endorsement (Private) PRIVMECE