Study Loans’ objective
is to build a trusted,
integrated source of funding
to support Australian students
in their pursuit of learning.

Why we exist

Uptake in

There has been a significant growth in the uptake of vocational and tertiary education in Australia, particularly in the non-accredited vocation sector. Australians are seeking out opportunities to develop new skills and undertake studies that provide real job opportunities in a lifelong manner.

government role

Governments have traditionally stepped in to provide students with a range of loans, grants and other mechanisms to provide financial assistance. This traditional role of governments is now beginning to be significantly reduced and diminished in Australia.

Gap in
the market

Currently, there are no alternative private solutions dedicated to financing education in Australia. This gap in the market is leaving many students without a secure and viable option for participating in further education.

Our solution

Our mission is to create a competitive, primary source of finance for students undertaking vocational and higher education in the accredited and non‑accredited education sector.

With a key focus on transparency for the student and responsible lending, our model has been designed to be selective, combining
historical and real-time data with financial data. We believe high course completion rates will result in lower levels of student

How it benefits
Education Providers

Study Loans has partnered with the some of Australia’s leading education providers to offer financing for students across a range of disciplines and studies. Our partners are now able to offer a wider range of financing options for students interested in undertaking further education.

Access and training with our easy-to-use platform is provided to all partner organisations, as well detailed information on the
eligibility criteria and process for students and courses. This technology and offering has helped to establish our partners as
thought leaders in the education sector.

Study Loans does not offer any incentives or commissions to our education partners.

Our Funding Method

Study Loans uses rich data sets to ensure the suitability of both the student and education provider, which encourages the best outcome for both parties.

Students are funded on a per unit basis or a cluster of units, on completion, which minimises their financial risk.

15% of the total loan will be held back on each tranche payment from the education provider until the student completes the course as the first line of defence against default. Provided the student gains the full qualification and is up-to-date with the minimum repayments, the 15% will be released to the education providers.

Are you ready to become a partner?
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whose registered office is at Level 5, 570 St Kilda Road, MELBOURNE VIC 3004.