MBA Student Loans Take the Stress Out of Study

Undertaking an MBA is one of those “bigger” decisions, and potential students can spend a lot of time assessing which school is perfect for them, what course is their best fit and importantly, how much will it cost?


Funding your MBA through a private loan is an extremely tax effective way of financing your course and can very likely* reduce your monthly expenses, compared to HECS-HELP.

Unlike typical student loans, Study Loans are designed to provide you with complete flexibility. It is a loan for the course cost that you only draw down as you need it. What this means for you, is you only pay for what you have borrowed. Try our loan calculator to see how much you may be expected to repay your loans provider.

Of course, we advocate that you seek independent advice as individual circumstances may differ. However, for your job-related training, you can offset the cost of the course, the interest on the course loan and associated expenses, such as travel, books and home office against your pre-tax income. Remember too, that through the HECS-HELP scheme the more you earn, the faster you are required to repay the debt. A Study Loan gives you the flexibility to extend this period and you can pay the loan off early at no extra cost.

*(depending on your circumstance)

Who Are Study Loans?

Study Loans are the first private loans provider in Australia. We recognised a gap in the market where students wanting the best education were limited by their financing options. We partnered with various Australian institutes to offer funding for courses, from health and nutrition to postgraduate, so that the best education could be accessible to all. As a private loans provider, we can offer Australian students some of the most competitive interest rates to ensure funding their education is one less worry.

Questions About Our MBA Student Loans?

Make the right choice for your future with a premium education in Australia. If you have any questions regarding our student loans and financing, feel free to email at or have a chat on 1800 566 699.


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