Don’t like your job? It’s time to find a new direction

There are many countless reasons for not liking your job. Whether you can’t stand your boss, don’t feel challenged anymore or simply aren’t passionate about the industry, it can be incredibly tough to keep going day in, day out. However, you don’t have to accept this reality.

In fact, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your situation as you get ready to leave and start afresh. From personal development to returning to education, here are some quick tips to find your feet again.

Make time for yourself 

It’s important to remember that your job doesn’t have to define you. Even if you must work 9-to-5, there are heaps of productive things you can do with your time. For instance, you can get involved with group sports or artistic pursuits as a way to develop your interests outside of your working day. Meanwhile, you can also try volunteering at an organisation whose cause you believe in. You might just find that it gives you an idea for a new career.

Get prepared

If you genuinely dislike your job, it’s not surprising that you want to quit. However, you shouldn’t leave behind your job if you have nothing in place to find a new one as you might get stuck unemployed. To avoid this, make sure your resume has been updated and you have references ready to give you a helping hand. Plus, updating your LinkedIn profile is another good way to network and attract recruiters.

 Return to education

Just because you’re leaving behind your job doesn’t mean you have to dive straight back into the workforce. In fact, people of all ages are returning to the education system in record numbers. However, this is particularly difficult if you aren’t able to access government support. Fortunately, convenient and easy-to-use services such as Study Loans exist to provide a responsible way to fund your degree or qualification.

Get started with Study Loans

If you’re ready to take the leap back into education, but need responsible financial assistance to pay for your vocational or higher education course, Study Loans is here to help. As Australia’s first dedicated private student loan company, our clear, innovative and regulated financing options help people achieve their potential. Contact our friendly team at 1800 324 909 to find out more about our service.

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