Skills Shortages in Australia: Which Job Skills Are in High Demand?

Choosing a career path is rarely easy and changing career paths can be even harder – but it doesn’t have to be. If you have an open-mind about what career path to follow, there are many opportunities in the workforce. If you’ve been looking for a career opportunity with limited success, why not consider upskilling into a high-demand industry?

What does a skills shortage mean?

A skills shortage occurs when an occupation has more unfilled positions than skilled workers to meet the demand. They are typically considered lower competition occupations as the likelihood of securing a job is high. The Australian government releases information on the current skills shortages each year. Based on recent data, here are four popular industries which have recently experienced skills shortages in Australia.


The construction industry is booming in Australia. It accounts for 9.1% of the total workforce and has seen an employment increase of 15.6% in the past 5 years. Current skill shortages include carpentry, construction project managers and wall and floor tilers. Upskilling for some of these positions only requires a short course, such as 6 months in carpentry. Browse our range of supported construction courses.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering requires a high level of skill but with that comes the opportunity for a strong salary. To become a professional electrical engineer, you’ll need a few years of university study, but the career prospects are secure which should mean great rewards. Another option is to undertake a short course that helps you upskill into a similar area quickly. Browse our supported electrical and engineering short courses.

Physiotherapy & Sport Careers

There are many ways to turn your passion into your career, like turning a love for sport into an athletic or health-based career path. Government data shows that physiotherapists are in high-demand and will continue to be until 2023. If that’s not what you had in mind, there are many other sports-related career paths to explore. Browse our supported sport courses.


Hairdressing is another skillset that’s expected to keep growing, with an estimated 31,000 jobs over the next five years. A certificate in hairdressing takes around 1-2 years to complete. The beauty industry has a wide range of short-medium term courses that can help you diversify your skills and keep your career path interesting. Browse our supported hair and beauty courses.

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For more information on how COVID-19 may be impacting the Australian job market, visit the government’s information hub.

How to Finance Postgraduate Study in Australia

Whether you’ve always wanted to undertake further studies, or you find yourself needing an unexpected career change, postgraduate studies are an excellent pathway to success. One of the main blockages for most postgraduate students is finding ways to finance their course. Luckily, domestic students in Australia have many options to finance their postgraduate study – here are our top four.

Why choose postgraduate study?

There are many personal reasons people choose postgraduate studies, but three of the most common are:

  1. Turn your existing studies into a specialty: turning your broad undergraduate degree into a defined pathway
  2. Upskill to make a career change: a step in the right direction to your new career
  3. Earn a higher salary: increased skillsets frequently translate to higher salaries

So, once you know that postgraduate study is for you – how do you finance it?

Government assistance

The Australian Government has a generous education funding program for domestic students – both undergraduate and postgraduate. FEE-HELP loans are applicable to postgrad studies however, there is a debt ceiling at which point you’ll run out of government assistance for courses.

Apply for a private loan

Government assistance isn’t the only loan option available to you. Study Loans is Australia’s first private student loans provider helping you afford the course of your dreams. We offer easy repayment schemes on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. With over 1,100 courses supported by our loans – your study opportunities are endless. Find out more about our loans or browse our full list of supported courses.

Ask your employer

If your postgrad course is related to your current career path, your employer may agree to take on some of the costs. Upskilling will be as much of a benefit to their workplace as it is to you personally. You can supplement their contribution with your own private student loan or government assistance option.

Look for scholarships

Whether partial or full, a scholarship can ease the sting of postgraduate course fees. Even with a scholarship, you may find private student loans or government assistance helps with any remaining costs.

Apply for postgraduate study loans

Study Loans provide domestic students with postgraduate study loans in Australia. We are committed to supporting as many students as possible with their postgraduate study goals. If you have any questions about our loans, call 1800 324 909 or email Ready to start learning? Apply for your loan today.

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