How to get motivated to study


With exams looming over students it’s time to sit down to get studying. But for most of us, we are juggling employment, study, social life it can feel really overwhelming to sit down with a mountain of books and get motivated to study.

Instead of studying harder we have a few tricks that can get you in front of the books feeling happy and ready to sit your next exam.

Get a calendar | It’s super easy and you don’t have to spend easy cash money because you can have it on your computer that syncs to your smartphone and have a handy print out on your desk and scribble down all your assignment deadlines and exams. We love a monthly calendar at Study Loans because you get a full month overview of what your life looks like and it makes it easier to schedule work shifts and social activities so you’re not left feeling crazy overwhelmed.  Not only is this a great reminder about your upcoming assignments and exams but you can make your work schedule around your studies and still have enough money to pay your bills.

Get a study buddy | Having a mate to study with can help you workshop areas that you may not have a broad understanding of. A mate also can help you proofread your draft assignments and practice essays. Put on some tunes and sit with someone can make studying less isolating and keep you on track.

Remember to move | It’s so important to keep yourself moving while studying not only have there been multiple studies to studies that have proved that exercise improves memory and increases your endorphins to keep you feeling motivated and happy.

Have breaks | Break it up and make sure you have regular breaks when you study. Breaks allow you to chill out, scroll through your social media feed without the guilt’s and helps you remain focused when you get back to study.

Get Positive | Yes, we know the pain you’re going through right now studying, working and just trying to live the dream and we know it can be hard, but the power of being positive can change your happiness, productiveness and generally just a better human to be around.

Good luck with your studies peeps!


The Study Loans Team

Give me some cred’

So, you’ve picked the course you are ready to pursue. You’re on track to starting your future career! What you’ve now got to think about is how will you fund this?

Here’s where we can help.

I’m a credit underwriter at Study Loans and what I do is evaluate if you can afford a SL and if we are a suitable fit for your lifestyle.

The first thing you should know, is that Study Loans is different. We are a business to business Australian company that offers financing for students. The benefit you have from choosing us over a standard personal loan is that we have designed our product to take some pressure off the student while you are busy studying and working!

If you took $10,000 out with a personal loan you’d be making repayments on that full amount from Day 1 regardless of if you complete your studies.

Our loan works in ‘tranches’. What’s a tranche you ask?

Think of it as buying pizza slices, let’s say this pizza has 5 pieces and costs $15. In a traditional loan, if you bought the whole pizza but don’t eat it all you’d still owe the $15. Using our model, you’d pay for your $3 slice as you progress through your course. This allows you some time to ‘chew and eat’ your food so to speak.

Loan repayments on a $10,000 Study Loan would be broken up into let’s say 5 tranches (groups) this means for the first few months of your course while you are working through the first few units you are only paying for the $2500 (very low repayments), as you progress to the second tranche you’d be making repayments on less than $5000 (as you’ve been chipping away already). This may look scary as it looks like your payments are doubling but you must remember your repayments are lower than if you were paying for the $10,000 upfront. This allows you to focus on your studies and part-time/ full time job.

Great! so you’ve submitted an application through to us, what’s next?

What happens behind the scenes? After you put your application through the system- it will automatically obtain your credit report and run an ID check. This system will generate a conditional response i.e. Approved, Rejected or Referred. If it was Conditionally Approved or Referred, we would then require 3 months of bank statements (this is done through our trusted provider Proviso ( Study loans has a read-only access so we don’t have any access to your account and can’t see passwords!). Your loan submission then reaches the credit team and we’ll review all this information against our lending criteria and suitability checks (we may request further information to aid the decision process). Once the numbers are crunched we’ll then call and let you know the outcome!

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