Frequently Asked Study Loan Questions

What is Study Loans?

Study Loans is a new kind of finance for students seeking assistance in paying for their education.

Who can borrow with Study Loans?

Study Loans offers loans to people seeking to complete tertiary (vocational and higher education) education in Australia. Study Loans works with a select number of education providers. Please see our complete list of approved education providers under the “Students” tab and select “Education Partners”. Students must be eligible to receive funding from Study Loans.

What is a tranche?

Funds for your course are released in tranches, which are defined by either a single unit or cluster of units. As you progress through your course and move onto the next unit or cluster of units, Study Loans will release your funds for that tranche – think of tranches as both course milestones and payments milestones.

Can a parent or guardian take out the loan on behalf of the student?

Yes – Study Loans now allows a parent or guardian of a child seeking a loan for education to be able to take the loan out in their name instead of the child. This will be beneficial for those students who are currently not earning over $20,000 per annum, but have a parent or guardian willing to take out the loan in their name.

Are my bank details safe with Proviso?

Yes, they are. We are limited to a read-only access of your statements. In no way can we make any transactions or view your passwords. Proviso is independently tested and audited by external security experts and encrypted with bank-level security.

How are loans different from the federal government?

The federal government offers income-based repayments. For more information on Federal Student Loans, please go to

What is Student Loans really?

Education is vitally important, but sometimes it can be very expensive, or simply out of your affordability bracket. Student loans are a sum of money that can assist you in paying for your education.

Student loans often charge lower costs than other types of loans that you might be able to get. They are considered ‘low-risk loans’ with an interest rate based on your individual circumstances rather than a widespread number.

Student loans, especially ours, attempt to look forward rather than backwards. Yes, a credit history is always great but we simply look at the past 6 months bank statements to see if you have a stable income able to afford your loan.

At Study Loans we also allow you to make extra top-up repayments and there is no early repayment fee if you want to pay it off early – winner!

Student loans aren’t meant to be scary, they are simply meant to help you achieve your end goal of a career in a field you love.

Visit our Students page to find out more!

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