About Us

About Us

Study Loans is a new kind of finance for students seeking assistance in paying for their vocational and tertiary education. We are all about helping people advance in their careers to reach their full potential by providing the necessary funds to pay for their tuition fees during those criterial periods of education. We are Australia’s first dedicated private student loan company. Whether students are looking to save money on student loans, reach that next career goal or invest in their future, Study Loans works to help our customers reach their potential.

Study Loans was born out of the frustration with the current government funded system. Having witnessed first-hand, the difficulty students faced with accessing funds and the constant changes in the rules, we felt it was about time a private business stepped in to provide an alternative. We believe education is critically important to society, but also the future prosperity of individuals. Study Loans was purposely created to provide a new way of paying for education with a transparent fee structure under a pay-as-you-go type model.

Our Values

Student Centric Business

Study Loans is a student focused business. Ultimately, we aim to deliver a finance solution that works for students in a transparent and friendly manner.

Data Driven

Study Loans is a modern technology business, which uses data to provide competitive rates and inform our decision making.

Pushing Boundaries

Study Loans is not here to accept the status quo. The business and our people are here to challenge ourselves to surpass expectations, but also question others. We relentlessly pursue improvement.

Long Term, Not Short Term

Long Term, Not Short Term - Study Loans believes in long-term responsible behaviour. We aim to create lifelong value for our customers and believe we should practice the same financial responsibility we expect from our customers.

Our Team

Brett Shanley

Brett Shanley Chief Executive Officer LinkedIn

Iain Pepper

Iain Pepper Chief Operating Officer LinkedIn

Geoff Fincham

Geoff Fincham Credit Underwriter LinkedIn

Shatha Almaktoum

Shatha Almaktoum Credit Underwriter LinkedIn

Oren Leshetz

Oren Leshetz Business Development - VIC LinkedIn

Vic Chetty

Vic Chetty Business Development -NSW LinkedIn

Zoe Robertson

Zoe Robertson Social & Content Manager LinkedIn

Ana Bekic

Ana Bekic Accountant LinkedIn

Advisory Board

Ryan Meyer

Ryan Meyer Advisory Board Member LinkedIn

Ryan oversees the Asia Pacific campuses of General Assembly, a global education startup that helps people move into the modern economy with a suite of intensive programs focused on coding and UX design. He is also responsible for leading strategic growth in the region. Prior to General Assembly, he founded AlumniFunder, a crowdfunding platform for student and alumni entrepreneurs within research university communities.

Jim Cock

Jim Cock Advisory Board Member LinkedIn

Jim has over a decade of Senior executive roles as Managing Director leading businesses for GE Capital in Consumer & Commercial Finance, He is applying the acquired knowledge and practices of Business performance Improvement to a broad range of businesses. This has includes Start-Ups, Professional Service Firms, Mid Market businesses and Not For Profits.

Marcus Oakley

Marcus Oakley Advisory Board Member LinkedIn

Marcus Oakley is the Director of Advisory Services at Connected Analytics and has over 17 years experience across various risk disciplines and in varied portfolio and business roles. With deep experience in credit, operational and enterprise risk across consumer and commercial finance , Marcus has lead analytical, technology and and operations teams to deliver business growth and operational excellence through business cycles and strategic change.

Allyn Radford

Allyn Radford Advisory Board Member LinkedIn

Allyn is an executive-level leader experienced in innovative business models and transformational solutions. He has led projects in private enterprise and education in Australia, the United States, Mexico and South Korea. He has been involved in the use of technology in learning for more than 30 years. Allyn is a global leader in the development and implementation of micro-credentials, especially in support of alternative pathways. Allyn was the inaugural CEO at DeakinDigital.

Study Loans Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 13 618 345 314) Australian credit licence 498589
whose registered office is at Level 5, 570 St Kilda Road, MELBOURNE VIC 3004.