About Study Loans

AACM and Study Loans strive to offer AACM students the option of a Parent or Student loan - scroll down to learn more. We are all about helping students advance in their careers to reach their full potential.

Student Eligibility

12 months
48 months
Number of drawdowns?
Scheduled drawdown repayment amounts

How does it work?

Choose between a Parent or Student Loan

An AACM student has the option of applying for a Parent Loan. This means that their parent/guardian can take out the loan on behalf of them. The eligibility for this loan is a student 16+ years of age and a parent/guardian with suitable circumstances to service the loan. The Student Loan option is simply an 18+ years of age student applying for a loan they will service themselves.

Simple Funding Method

We are a private student loan company that provides the funds for approved AACM courses direct to them on behalf of you. We can loan anywhere between $2,001 and $15,000. Our loan terms range from 6 to 48 months and we provide interests rate from 9.75% to 14.5% p.a, based on financial and educational data.

Study Loans Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 13 618 345 314) Australian credit licence 498589
whose registered office is at Level 5, 570 St Kilda Road, MELBOURNE VIC 3004.