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Take Control of Your Education

At Study Loans, we want students to have full control over their loans and empower them to manage and track these loans effectively. That’s why our student loans company has designed an easy to use loan service with simple terms, a responsible funding method and a dedicated student access portal.

Why Study Loans?

Study Loans aims to offer competitive interest rates for students looking to take the next step with their education.

Rates are calculated on a risk-based pricing model using a rich data set that takes into account both the students’ situation and the education providers history.

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Borrow all
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the cost
As well as funding entire courses, Study Loans can be used to fill funding gaps.
Study Loans uses a competency based, pay‑as‑you‑go funding method.

This means that the funds for your education are only made available as you progress through your chosen studies. If your circumstances change, you can suspend your studies and future tranche payments of the loan.

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terms &
Study Loans provides a new way of paying for education with easy to understand terms and conditions.

This ensures managing your student loan is simple and straightforward - no flashing lights or hidden fees. As one of Australia’s leading education loan providers, we understand that circumstances change, so our loans are built to be very flexible.

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Our Education partners are dedicated to the success of their students.

They have a proven track record of course completion and compliance. Our eligibility criteria is strict so check with your chosen course provider to see if they’re a trusted Study Loans partner.

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How Our Education Loans Work

Find the course that’s right for you, with any one of our Education Partners.

Apply for the course and Study Loans funding via our Courses Page or your chosen course provider.

Funds are released, subject to suitability, directly to the course provider, in tranches, as you progress through your studies

What’s a tranche?

Funds for your course are released in tranches, which are defined by either a single unit or cluster of units. As you progress through your course and move onto the next unit or cluster of units, Study Loans will release your funds for that tranche - think of tranches as both course milestones and payments milestones.

Compare the Market

Study Loans VET Student Loans FEE-HELP
Loan Amount $2,001 to $15,000 Caps apply ($5k, $10k or $15k) $0 to $100k
Loan Term 6 to 48 months Dependent on income Dependent on income
All Qualification Levels Yes No No
No Up-front Loading Yes No No
Pay-as-you-go Yes No No
Holiday Periods Available Yes No No
No Early Repayment Penalties Yes No No
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One of Australia’s first student loans providers, Study Loans employs strict eligibility criteria that leverages responsible data and is in accordance with the consumer credit laws. This ensures students are undertaking relevant studies delivered by trusted education partners with manageable loan amounts.

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and is subject to suitability.

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and other associated variables are to be finalised upon application.

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What now?

Contact your chosen education provider to apply or get in touch if you have more questions about Study Loans.

Study Loans Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 13 618 345 314) Australian credit licence 498589
whose registered office is at Level 5, 570 St Kilda Road, MELBOURNE VIC 3004.